Top 7 Trends in Commercial Painting for 2024

Commercial Painting for 2024

2024 the commercial painting scene is set for significant changes as outdated trends allow for new ideas. Commercial interior painting is not just about refreshing the walls of a business—it’s about transforming a space to enhance the work environment, communicate a brand, and attract customers.

Whether considering a new painting design for your business or planning the finishes for a new commercial space, understanding the essentials of commercial painting can make a significant difference.

What Is Commercial Painting?

Commercial painting entails refreshing office buildings, apartment complexes, manufacturing plants, schools, and hospitals with new paint. Contractors specializing in commercial painting handle projects ranging in size from small to large—a commercial painting contractor equipped with the tools, technology, and expertise to handle these complexities efficiently.

Benefits of Painting in Commercial Space

A fresh coat of paint in a commercial space can improve the structure, reduce maintenance costs, and create a welcoming atmosphere for clients. Properly chosen colors and finishes can also reflect a company’s brand and values, making interior painting a critical part of business strategy.

You might not be aware, but some colors work better than others in catching the eye of your target customers. For retail spaces, opting for bright and vibrant hues can boost attraction. Maintaining and enhancing the appearance of your commercial building can also positively impact its property value.

Commercial Color Trends

Your commercial space mirrors your business and brand. Staying current with trends and updating your corporate properties are vital to creating the right atmosphere and making a positive impression on customers, clients, and visitors.

Nature-Inspired Hues

Incorporating natural colors can bring a serene and calming effect to commercial spaces. Soft greens, blues, and earth tones are popular for creating a peaceful environment that enhances productivity and well-being.

Stay Neutral

Neutral colors remain a staple in commercial interiors for their versatility. Shades of beige, gray, and white provide a clean and minimalist backdrop that allows other interior elements to stand out.

Stay Neutral
Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design

This trend emphasizes a connection to nature through natural light, greenery, and earthy colors. It’s about creating an environment that supports health and wellness.

Industrial Grays

Grays and other industrial shades are favored in spaces that aim for a modern, sleek look. These colors mask wear and tear, making them practical for high-traffic areas.

Industrial Grays
Vibrant Accent Walls

Vibrant Accent Walls

Bright and bold accent walls can energize a space and make it memorable. Their strategic use stimulates creativity or makes a strong visual statement.

Trends in Commercial Painting

1. Minimalist Aesthetics

The minimalist trend focuses on simplicity and functionality, using monochromatic color schemes and smooth finishes to create a tidy, uncluttered look.

2. High-Performance Coatings

These paints will withstand the rigors of commercial environments, resist stains and wear, and maintain their appearance over time.

3. Bold Color Schemes

VividDes colors are becoming more common in areas that benefit from a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere, such as creative industries and marketing firms.

4. Textured and Specialty Finishes

From faux finishes to textured plasters, these options add depth and character to walls, making commercial spaces stand out.

5. Eco-Friendly Paints

With a growing emphasis on sustainability, low-VOC and non-toxic paints are a must-have. They improve indoor air quality and are safer for painters and building occupants.

6. Integrated Health Solutions

Paints with antimicrobial properties are gaining popularity in healthcare settings and other public spaces where hygiene is paramount.

7. Sherwin-Williams Color Palettes

As a leading supplier in the paint industry, Sherwin-Williams offers a range of color palettes that are frequently updated to reflect the latest trends and consumer preferences.

How STB Painting Can Help?

Selecting the ideal commercial painting services is essential for revitalizing your commercial space. A skilled contractor like STB Painting can offer expert advice on the latest color trends and finishes to suit your business’s specific needs. 

With a professional touch, your commercial paint job can not only refresh your space but also enhance your brand identity and create a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. Ready to transform your commercial space? Contact STB Painting today and let us help you make a lasting impression!