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Home Painting: Ladder Safety Tips

Here's a quick tip on staying safe when you are utilizing a ladder for your home painting! If you like the video and want more tips and tricks, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if in need of commercial/ home painting or home repairs done in the Baltimore Washington metro area, contact us here now or visit our gallery of successful clients to know more about services! Try STB Painting Company today and know the difference in our services. We specialize in external and interior...

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Paint Roller: Easy Cleaning & De-linting

Cleaning a Paint Roller Efficiently Here’s a quick and easy trick to clean and de-lint your paint roller! When it comes to cleaning painting tools, it all boils down to the paint use and the material of the roller. For this video, you will learn how to make use of readily available home products to get the job done.   If you like the video and want more tips and tricks, do no forgetto subscribe to our YouTube channel. As for anything about...

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