Here’s How to Use Each 2022 Color of the Year in Your Home

2022 Color of the Year in Your Home

Clients often ask: when is the best time of the year to repaint my home’s interior?

While there is no perfect time, it’s generally best to complete your home painting projects before temperatures and humidity get too high. And with a hot and sticky Maryland summer just around the corner, now is the best time to talk interior painting.

Some spaces need to be repainted more often than others. Bedroom walls can go years without looking faded, but common areas need more attention. Think high activity rooms like your kitchen and living room. Has it been longer than 5 years since you’ve last painted? Chances are your walls could use a touch-up.

Thinking about refreshing your space with a new color? Consider trying out one of the colors of the year for 2022. Color trends seem to lean toward natural, cool tones–some of the most flexible, versatile colors for your home’s interior.

The Prevailing Color of the Year in 2022: Green

Every new year, dozens of companies release their highlight color for the upcoming year. And as colors came rolling out for 2022, it became clear that almost everyone was on the same page: 2022 is the year to go green.

Here are a few that stood out among the crowd. These interior paint brands are known for being stain-resistant, easy to clean, and long-lasting for persisting brilliant color.

Sherwin-Williams: Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams’ color of the year in 2022 is Evergreen Fog, a subtle and almost grey shade of green with notes of blue. It’s charming, and it’s calming. It has the potential to enhance any modern or organic design.

Evergreen Fog fits right into earthy tones and color palettes. This paint would look great in your kitchen—particularly kitchens with dark appliances, accents, or kitchen cabinets. It also complements spaces with cream, beige, or heavy wooden furniture.

Behr: Breezeway

A nautical nod to the natural colors found in sea glass, Behr’s Breezeway is a silvery-green hue found in their Color Trends 2022 Palette. The company describes Breezeway as a shade that “evokes feelings of coolness and peace” and inspires adventure.

It’s the best fit for bright, airy spaces that receive plenty of natural light. Use this paint in your sunroom or four-season room to make them feel inviting and calming. Try it in a living room with plenty of windows and open space.

Benjamin Moore & Co.: October Mist

The Benjamin Moore color of the year, October Mist, is less subtle than the other members of this list. It’s a sage, flower stem green. I can see this botanical color of the year matching any natural pastel hues.

October Mist is somewhat intense and best complemented by creams and whites. Use it to paint your laundry room or mudroom, or any room full of colorful accents. It would be a natural fit for a child’s playroom.

Art & Crafts: The Dunn-Edwards 2022 Color of the Year

Dunn-Edwards breaks away from the status quo with the warm, earthy, and comforting Art & Crafts. This shade of brown is a part of their Warm Neutrals collection and works in almost any space. Consider your entrywayfoyer, or library for this rustic color.

Do you own a historic home with plenty of character? Classical is classy, but only if it’s maintained. Touch up moldingstrims, or other architectural details with Art & Crafts. Cabinets or paneling that need reimagining are other possible candidates, particularly in spaces with walls painted bold colors.

How to Use Very Peri, Pantone’s Color of the Year

Very Peri is a shade of periwinkle that is in stark contrast to some of the color trends that we’re seeing in 2022. Pantone describes Very Peri as a shade of blue with violet-red undertones, and one that inspires creativity and energy.

It’s bright, energetic, and passionate. This thought-provoking color would make a great accent wall for a home officebedroom, or studio. Do you have a space where you need to be creative and focused? Try it out. Balance Very Peri with warm or cool colors for a sophisticated or whimsical style.

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