Make Sure the Next Painting Company You Hire is Licensed, Insured, and Safety-trained

n keeping with the safety theme, we thought we’d address safety from the vantage point of consumer protection. There are lots of painters around today, but the benefits to a consumer of working with a licensed professional are clear and definite.

Does Your State Require Painters to be Licensed?

While the states differ tremendously in whether they require professional painters to be licensed (only 20 states do), you’ll find that every top company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Why? To protect their employees, their customers, and their businesses. Professional liability insurance is a reliable sign of professionalism in any line of business. In the building trades, it means they respect customers enough to take the significant liability out of your hands. Hiring an unlicensed tradesman might save money on the front end, but you could pay later. Think of vetting your painter as similar to running a background check before hiring an employee. That’s not just common sense, it’s standard operating procedure, right? When it comes to hiring a painting company, it’s worth a little effort to verify that you’re getting a trained pro. If you’re a homeowner, you’ve got a lot at stake. Here’s why:

Accidental Injury or Dismemberment

If an unlicensed contractor falls off a ladder on your property, you could definitely be sued. An umbrella policy is an excellent investment – but insurance companies really don’t like paying out. This could have an impact on your future rates. Better to hire a painter who’s licensed, bonded, and insured , no? They should be happy to offer proof.

Better Safety Training

A licensed pro has been trained in a range of safety protocols. That’s what the license means. They may carry important additional certifications from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies: be able to spot and test for lead, operate many different ladders, and understand chemical safely. The most reputable companies will have a project manager on the job at all times, so supervising a crew will never be your job. Training and retraining employees is a hallmark of every solid company in the building trades – and top professional painting companies have a zero tolerance for accidents.


What if you have an issue with the work? Will you be able to get the casual tradesman to come back, at his own expense, and fix it? This is a big issue in the trades! Companies that appear and disappear. Don’t get scammed. Go ahead and pay for the benefits – in quality of work and peace of mind – that come with an experienced pro.

Will They Fix it if They Break It?

Any tradesperson who comes into your property should be able to carry their own freight when it comes to sharing the risk for unforeseen events. Unavoidable accidents do happen. Responsible people hedge against them – with training, oversight, and insurance. And if they break something, they fix it. Make sure the painters you hire next are the responsible type.

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