Residential and Commercial Repairs: Popcorn and Stucco ceilings

Getting rid of that outdated, ugly popcorn or stucco ceilings in households?

There are 3 routes to go, all are messy, time consuming, and relatively expensive:

1. (Easiest) I saw a video online showing neat technique that works pretty well: duct-taping a 6-inch scraper to a shopvac and scraping off the layer of popcorn/stucco after a light spraying with water. The ceiling will come off like butter, learning a pattern between amount of water and pressure for scraping is the key to this technique. Very messy.

2. Water bottle and hand-scraping is second technique; it’s super messy and quite time consuming.

3. Taking down ceiling and installing new drywall; it’s the slowest method but you get a brand new ceiling.

4. Either method gets the desired result; option #1 is my go-to, if possible. Dust containment is the real problem with it.