The Homeowner’s World of Concerns: Could I Paint This Myself?

Clients regularly share with me the mental journeys they take before they decide to hire a professional painting company. How much will it cost? How do I find a reputable company? And, inevitably: is this something I could do myself?

Well, yes. In many cases, yes, you can. But there are good reasons why you may not want to.

What do professional painters actually bring to the mix?

  1. Detailing. That’s what the “professional touch” is all about. The people who paint every day, have served apprentices and earned certifications – in short, who have practiced – are going to do a better job. Professionals also come armed with the right equipment for different tasks – for example, the right brushes for corners, crown molding, and different types of surfaces. The right ladders for performing different kinds of work. Getting the details right is the mark of a professional.
  2. Speed. I can’t tell you how many homeowners we work with to fix aborted paint jobs that they began but could not complete. We have compassion for these folks. Whether it’s the prep work (a huge percentage of the time spent on any painting project), the finishing work (the detailing), or simply scheduling enough time to see the project through, we know that the idea of painting a house can be more fun than the painting itself. Which is work. But here’s what you’ve got to know: these folks likely won’t save a dime. A skilled professional crew can blow through an interior house painting job in a day, execute flawlessly, and be out without a trace. Do the math. Is doing it yourself really cheaper?
  3. Accountability. A pro shop will be responsible for your satisfaction. Painting – interior or exterior – may not be the biggest challenge you ever face with your house or office building. But a bad paint job CAN force you to throw good money after bad. Not all companies can or will make good on their promises. But with a professional painting company like STB, you will get everything you pay for. And if we break it (rarely happens!), we fix it. We keep a Project Manager on your job site as long as our crews are there – so you don’t even have to take time off work.
  4. Ease of Use. The best painters should be plug and play. Unless your home is a designated historic landmark or boasts more than average square footage, you should be able to rely on their quote.

The STB Painting process involves an initial visit, a detailed quote, and a contract that lays out the timeframe for the job, and assigns your individual PM (project manager).

The initial visit should reveal any unusual challenges that could impact the price, but once the quote is issued we stand by it. You will meet the project manager in advance. If you have made choices on colors or brands, your choices become part of the work plan. And finally, at the end of the paint job, all materials and waste are removed from the premises.

Communication is a key component of any professional painting company’s job. The STB promise is to keep clients informed every step of the way, because nobody likes surprises. Happy clients point this out as one of our strengths, and why they will use us again.

Here are 5 Reasons to hire a Pro for your next project:

1) Add to your home’s value

The right painter has all of their tools needed, as well as precision painting skills that can’t be found in a contractor just looking for work or someone new on-board with less experience. A quality paint job is a simple way of adding value that will have buyers fighting over who gets their hands on this property first! Hiring an experienced professional to paint your home will give it the best chance at selling quickly and for top dollar.

2) Years of satisfaction and beauty

The professionals at STB Painting Company are committed to making sure that your home’s walls stay looking their best. They use quality paint which will withstand wear and tear for years, as well provide you with clean lines without any messy flaking or chipping. It is also important enough so care goes into preparing the surface before painting it takes effect – meaning no more dirty marks on newly painted surfaces!

3) Hiring a pro may not be as expensive as you think

Hiring a professional to paint your home can be an expensive decision. But if you need some help, consider this: what will the cost of renting equipment and hiring workers for one day look like? You might find that instead of buying all these things outright or investing in commissioned painters’ supplies at high prices from shops such as Home Depot. Painting your home can seem like an overwhelming task. You might be afraid that hiring professionals will cost too much, but it’s possible to get a free estimate here and figure out how much paint supplies are going add on top of what you already have before making any decisions.

4) Painting can be a messy business

The sanding process can be harsh on your lungs and cause irritation to the skin. It’s important that you wear protective gear, like gloves or a mask when working with this material in order avoid any adverse reactions. Our team takes great care in protecting your home and environment from harmful particulates, noxious fumes and messy splatter and drips.

5) We’re great to share ideas with

We’re the professionals with all of your painting needs. We have years experience in every type and size job, from residential to commercial spaces! Our second opinions are always on point so you know what’s right for both style AND function before making any decisions – no more guessing at which exterior paint will look best on YOUR home architecture/location.